Praise Cathedral

Created slope on exterior patio for drainage

Patio Drainage Correction

Creating a slope with a shavemaster and diamond grinder

The exterior patio/covered entry was part of the building slab and was poured flat with a smooth troweled finish. Heavy rain and wind resulted in water puddling in entryway. We were hired to create a slope away from the building so water would drain properly. We utilized a shavemaster (machine with 50 sawblades). Each 1 foot pass shaves off approximately 1/8" of concrete. After each pass with the shavemaster we diamond grind to remove ridges and smooth out the concrete. After we completed the slope correction the area was coated by others.

  1. Total Project Size: 1,289 square feet
  2. Contractor requested a gradual slope of 1" over 18 feet
  3. Slope was created using a shavemaster and diamond grinder
  4. Project Duration: 3 days

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