Shot Blasting

clean and profile with no dust

Steel Shotblasting

Shot blasting profiles concrete via pulverization so it will not "bruise" or create microfractures like scarifying, scabling, needle scaling or milling/rotomilling, which utilizes an impact mechanism to profile concrete

We are able to adjust the depth of cut by using different sizes of steel shot, adjusting the rate of travel and machine setup. However, the biggest determining factor is the hardness of the concrete.

All our electric equipment utilizes 480 volt, 3 phase 30 amp power. We have generators built into all our box trucks so we are able to supply power at every jobsite where the work area(s) are within 250 feet of parking for our truck. We are able to use larger commercial equipment in residential applications and minimize downtime and expense of having an electrician hook up power when it is available.

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