Diamond Grinding

Preferred method to prepare for thin film coatins and clear sealers

Diamond Grinding

When a rough profile is not wanted, diamond grinding is the preferred method to prepare concrete for clear or translucent sealers and thin film coatings. Grinding removes surface contaminants while "opening up" the concrete so coatings/stains will penetrate and create a strong mechanical bond.

Over the past 10 years there has been an explosion of popularity for diamond grinding. This has resulted in many innovations in the tooling that is used with the grinders. We are able to quickly and easily scrape gummy adhesives and remove thick epoxies with specialty scraper tools that cut through the coating instead of grinding (which can be very time-consuming). All of this makes the diamond grinder a very versatile machine for removing coatings and adhesives.

All our electric equipment utilizes 480 volt, 3 phase 30 amp power. We have generators built into all our box trucks so we are able to supply power at every jobsite where the work area(s) are within 250 feet of parking for our truck. We are able to use larger commercial equipment in residential applications and minimize downtime and expense of having an electrician hook up power when it is available. The weight of the grinder has a direct effect on productivity. Our 3 phase grinders weigh 800 and 1100 lbs and with 620-660 lbs of down pressure they can out perform their single phase counterparts

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