Coating Removal

We have been removing coatings since 1997.

Coating Removal

We have many different methods to remove your existing coatings/adhesives/glue/thinset/etc/etc/etc.

Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the best method to remove your existing coating.

Some questions we may ask are:

  • What type of flooring are you planning on installing
  • How thick is the existing coating
  • What type of prep work was originally done (shot blast/diamond grind/acid etch/nothing)?
  • If an epoxy or resin, is it brittle or pliable?
  • For thinset/mortar removal - average thickness and percent of floor coverage
  • For adhesives/glues, how gummy/tacky/sticky is it?
  • General project information: Square footage, layout (open, offices/hallways, etc), ease of access to enter building (steps, distance from truck to work areas).
  • Visit our Portfolio Page to see completed projects